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Tertiary (non-university) education and technical education to convert to the metric system

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September 24*72




The Minister for Education and Science, Mr Malcolm

Eraser, today announced metric conversion programs developed

by the tertiary (non-university) and technical education

authorities in the several States of the Commonwealth.

These programs were prepared by the Metric

Conversion Board's Sector Committees for tertiary (non- .

university) education and for technical education.

The Sector Committee for tertiary (non-university)

education comprises nominees from a broad cross section of

advanced education interests in all States, while the

Sector Committee for technical education comprises nominees

from Departments of Education and Technical Education from

all States.

. The programs provide for early establishment of

resources in colleges of advanced education, institutes of

technology, teachers' colleges and technical colleges, for

instruction in the metric system. .

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A great deal of preparatory work has been done

with the aim of conversion to metric instruction from

1973 onwards, although some institutions are already

offering some courses in metric units. .

The a ini is to train people in the metric system

in time to meet the needs of industry.

Many sectors of industry will be well advanced

towards the sole use of the metric system by 1974.

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