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Metric conversion program for the land and survey sector

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Minister for Education and Science Parliament House Canberra, A.C.T. 2600 Telephone 73 1343

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Press Information For Release

August \ ‘72



The Minister for Education and Science, Mr Malcolm Fraser,

announced today the adoption of a program for the conversion to

metric system of activities relating to land and surveying,, '

Mr, Fraser said that progress in the conversion of mapping

was already well advanced. Land Titles Offices in some States

had already begun to accept plans and to issue title deeds in

the metric system; other Titles Offices were expected to do this

soon. .

The program covers all facets of survey and land titles

and includes the requisitioning of new equipment, training of

staff, the preparation of real property survey plans, local

government activities relating to lands and 'surveying, and the

effects on valuers- and real estate agents; these would

progressively convert to the metric system as from now. .

Appropriate metric units have been chosen so that in future,

distances will be' expressed simply in metres or kilometres,

instead of miles, furlongs, chains, rods, poles or perches.

Areas will be expressed in hectares (10,000m ) or square metres


Mr. Fraser said- that this program had been developed by

the Metric Conversion Board * s Lands and Surveying. Sector

Committee. That Committee, comprised- nominees of the . Surveyors

Boards' of Australia, the Real Estate and Stock Institute of


Australia, the Commonwealth Institute of Valuers, the Law

Council of Australia, the National Mapping Council, the

Institution of Surveyors, Australia, Land Titles Offices, and

the Board’s Land, Fuel, Power and Public Services Advisory

Committee. .

The Government welcomed, the enthusiasm with which the

various authorities in this field had approached the task of

setting themselves a conversion timetable. The decision of

those authorities was a major step in the conversion in the

public sector. . ■ ■

Mr. Fraser added, that in an undertaking of this magnitude

there could well be some variation of timing in certain areas

due to particular local factors.

Further Information: Collin Meyers, Press Secretary

. ■ . . - · Tel: 733261.