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Study of the effects of postings on the education of servicemen's children

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Wednesday. August 1. 1975 No. 121/73


(Joint Statement by the Minister for Defence, the Hon. L.H. Barnard, MP, and the Minister for Education, the Hon. K. Beazley MP)

In a joint statement issued today, the Minister

for Defence, Mr. Lance Barnard, and the Minister for Education

Mr. Kim E. Beazley, announced that a major study has been

commissioned to investigate the effects which postings of

servicemen have on the educational achievement of their


former Mr. Justice Kerr, now Chief Justice of New South Wales,

when he reported on his inquiry into conditions of service

in the three Armed Services. Consultations were held between

the Departments involved and with prominent educational

researchers which finally led to the commissioning of a study

under the general supervision of Professor Sydney S. Dunn,

Dean of the Faculty of Education at Monash University.

Mr. Brian J. Spicer of the same Faculty who are assisted by

professional and clerical project staff, and by the Service

Departments which are assisting with professional manpower

on a temporary basis as required.

complete. The final report will be submitted by 31 October,

1974 and is expected to contain a wealth of information on

how Service postings influence the educational achievements

of servicemen's children.

the project. The first, commencing very shortly, consists of

a survey of Service parents who will be asked to complete a

detailed questionnaire on all facets of the education of their

children. The second phase will involve in-depth interviews

with a sample of Service families, aqd a limited testing

programme of nearly all Service children.

The study follows a recommendation made by the

Project directors are Dr. Lindsay D. Mackay and

The project will take about fifteen months to

Two major phases of information-gathering characterise

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The Ministers stressed that all information

supplied by Service personnel to the Project directors

in the course of the study will be confidential and access

to it will be restricted to the non-Service Project staff.

They expressed confidence that all Service personnel would

give their full co-operation in the knowledge that the

results would be of benefit to their children and themselves.