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Defence: services pay and conditions

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(Notes from an address by the Minister for Defence, ‘

Mr,. David "Fairbairn, D.F.C., M.P. , to the. R.S.L. - i . - "

57th Annual C o n g r e s s , a.t Anzac Memorial Hall,

A d e l a i d e .)

The Gover nm en t has a sound and proven record of achievemefit

in the field of improving Services pay and conditions.

The Gover nm en t has received six reports from the Kerr Committee

and has a dopted all of them. - .

Other matters currently under consideration by the W oo dw ar d

Committee include: '

.* Service d i sa bi li ty allowance .

. ’ Exigencies of Service

* E x p r e s s i o n of Service pay .

* P ay rates for other ranks . . . :

* P a y rates for officers ■ .

' * Allowances such as flying, p a y , flight pay, -

command p a y , submarine pay and parachutist

pay. ■

The W oo d w a r d Committee is expected to present reports no

later than m id -N o v e m b e r on these matters. .

Increases in -pay and allowances approved by the G overnme nt

d uring the period 1970-72 are costing an additional $ 10 2. 2 - m . a

year. 6

In the m ajor field of increased pay alone, for both

. , 'V

officers and men, we a r e 'paying $92-m. more this year as compared

w i t h 1971.


Over the past two years the Government can point to

impressive achievements in all areas affecting the well being

of servicemen and women.

Specifically, the following are the more recent .

achievements: . . { · ■

" Arising from the recommendations of the Committee

of Inquiry into Services Pay, the pay of other

ranks has been increased. The complex open-ended

group pay system has been reduced to six broad "

pay bands up to Corporal level, with greatly

improved and uniform pay rates for Sergeants and

. above;

* The pay of officers has been reviewed and increased,

and the notion of a "Defence Forces Industry" has

' been accepted; „ .

· * Recommendations by the Committee of Inquiry for

liberalisation of temporary rental and accommodation "

allowances, education allowances and disturbance and

removal allowances have all been accepted by the .

Government and put into effect; ' . .

* Improved.scales and standards for Service married ·

quarters, together with upgrading of existing

. houses including those acquired under Commonwealth

State Housing agreements, have been approved.

Several studies arising from recommendations of the Committee

of Inquir-y are to be carried out.

These include the effects on the education of children of

servicemen that result from frequent changes from one school to

another;- the . adequacy of disturbance allowances and of the existing

education allowance scheme; and the analysis and evaluation of the

duties and responsibilities of both officers and^other ranks.

An inter-departmental committee has examined and reported on

the question of financial assistance for servicemen in establishing

their own .home’s. Its recommendations are being studied by the .

Government. 1 ; ■ .

/ 3,·


. The current Defence Programme provides for further

improvements to the Services' living and working accommodation.

There is still much to be done before the Government can be fully

satisfied with the standard of Service accommodation. In particular,

improvements to barrack-type accommodation are being examined.

All of these matters are being actively pursued. The

Government's aim is to ensure that the pay and conditions of service

for servicemen and women are as attractive as they can reasonably

be made. ’

The Government has under consideration the question of

housing loans to servicemen and women who are not entitled to War > - ·

Service Homes loans.

The Senate Committee on Repatriation benefits is" giving

consideration to the question of broader repatriation cover and the

Government will, of course, give consideration to any recommendations

of that Committee.

The Defence Department keeps the Service Departments fully

informed on all matters relating to pay and conditions of service and

has strenously encouraged them to keep servicemen and women fully

informed. ·

Defence is encouraging the Service Departments to build up

wage fixing expertise in integrated uniform and civilian Personal .

Services Branches so that all. factors regarding pay and allowances

can be properly elucidated, analysed and assessed. '

Defence is also encouraging the Service Departments to develop

education programmes so that servicemen and women better understand

the principles, concepts and processes by which decisions on pay and

allowances are made and implemented.

■ · . . . . . . 0 O 0 .... ,