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Formation of joint forces headquarters, Papua New Guinea

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FORMATION OF JOINT FORCES HEADQUARTERS. PAPUA NEW GUINEA (Statement by the Minister for Defence, the Hon. , David Fairbairn, D.F.G., M.P.)

. ■ The Minister for Defence, Mr. David Fairbairn,

announced today that it had been decided to form a Joint Force

Headquarters for the naval, army and air units in Papua New

Guinea to replace the existing three Service command

arrangements *

Mr. Fairbairn said that, as announced previously,

the kinds of forces required to meet the needs of an emerging

independent Papua New Guinea was under study. One matter on

which it was considered immediate action could be taken was

to form a Joint Force Headquarters to facilitate economical

and effective administration and control of the forces.

Mr. Fairbairn said that such a Headquarters, with

a Joint Force Commander, made practical sense for the

relatively small forces Papua New Guinea would be likely to

have in the forseeable future, and it would also promote a.

greater mutual awareness among the PNG Defence forces themselves.

The Minister said that the Joint Forcp Headquarters

would be formed at Port Moresby today (1st February) and be

established by the middle of the year.

· *

- 2 -

The present Army Headquarters would he used as the

basis on which to form the new Headquarters. The Army

Commander, PHG· Command, would become the first Joint Force

Commander and would be responsible to the Australian Chiefs

of Staff Committee. He would discharge his responsibilities

in respect of naval, army and air forces through Component


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