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Australian troops for Canada

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J ^ A U S T R A L I A ^

MONDAY 28 JULY, 1975 NO. 47/75


Australian soldiers are to spend six weeks training in

Canada later this year.

Bill Morrison, said 150 soldiers would fly to Canada for training

while a similar number of Canadian soldiers trained in Australia.

The exchange of troops between the two countries is planned

to become an annual event.

The Royal Australian Regiment, based in Townsville, as well as

attachments from 3rd Task Force Townsville. They would fly to

Canada late in August and return in October.

Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry and the Canadian Airborne

Regiment, who would be hosted in Australia by 8/9th Battalion, The

Royal Australian Regiment, Enoggera, Queensland, and 40 officers

and non-commissioned officers, who would attend a course at the Land

Warfare Centre at Canungra, Queensland.

Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry at Calgary and then

move on to the Airborne Regiment's base at Edmonton, where training

would include mountaineering and a three-day assault boat expedition

down the North Saskatchewan River.

Announcing this today, the Minister for Defence, Mr

The Australian troops would be a company from 1st Battalion

The Canadian contingent would be men of the 1st Princess

In Canada, the Australians would train with the 1st


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