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Photographs of Soviet ships released

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MENS REL64SE No, 83/82

The Department of Defence today released photographs

of ships in a Soviet task group which recovered a Soviet

space vehicle from the Indian Ocean about 300 nautical miles

south of the Cocos Islands on Friday.

The ships9 which have been under observation by RAAF

aircraft since May 3 1 > are still in. the vicinity of the

Cocos Islands. RAAF surveillance is continuing.

The photographs show the space support ship Kosmonaut

Georgi Dobrovolsky and the naval missile range instrumentation

ship Chumikan,

• The Dobrovolsky is a 5900 tonne former freighter, and

the Chumikan is a 14,000 tonne former bulk ore carrier. Both

ships were photographed by P3 Orion long range maritime patrol

aircraft of the RAAF.

The Soviet task group comprises seven ships·one of which

is a Krivak class guided missile frigate, ■ ■

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Issued by the Directorate of Public Relations, Department of Defence,Canberra ACT, 26 0 0