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Major shipping control exercises

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DEFENCE NB#Sfia£4SE FRIDAY, MARCH 12, 1982 NO. 30/82


More than 190 regular Navy personnel and Naval

Reservists from all parts of Australia will take part

in a major exercise to practice the control and

' protection of merchant shipping.

The exercise, called Expanded Sea 82, is being

conducted in the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

It will begin on Monday, March 15, and continue for a

fortnight.. . -

In Australia, maritime headquarters and control

units will be set up in all major ports. They will be

manned largely by Naval Reserve personnel, both men and

women, and in the course of the exercise many will

board merchant vessels to brief Masters. Reservists

will also board ships at sea by Navy helicopters to give

their briefings on plans and procedures to control the

movements of merchant ships to enable navies to protect

them in wartime. ; i

Expanded Sea 82 will be the largest exercise

of its type ever attempted. • ** ** ** * * ’

Further Inquiries: Mr Barry Custance 65 2694 (Direct) 65 2999 (Switchboard) . 81 0424 (After Hours)

Issued by the Directorate of Public Relations, Department of Defence,Canberra ACT, 2 6 0 0