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New Army mapping technique

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N0fS RELEASE JANUARY' 20, 1982 NO 6/82


The Australian Army is progressively introducing

one of the most advanced computerized mapping systems of

its type in the world. ~

The "system,. called AUTOMAP, was conceived by

Australian Army cartographers and is being implemented in

three phases.

The Acting Minister for. Defence, Mr Kevin Newman,

today announced the signing of a $3.5m contract with M&S

Intergraph Pty Ltd of Sydney for the supply of AUTOMAP 2,

the second phase of the project.

A feature of the AUTOMAP system is the creation

of a computer data base that will eventually hold all the

information depicted on topographic maps of Australia. .

The process, as well as hastening map production

and revision, will provide great flexibility for future

mapping products as the data base information can be recalled

in any required combination and map format. This data base

and the maps produced from it,, while for Defence purposes,

will flow on to other agencies and the public, benefiting

the nation at large. _ . ,

Issued by the Directorate of Public Relations, Department of Defence, Canberra ACT, 2600


Mr Newman described the AUTOMAP project as a

positive step in the immense task of providing a comprehensive

map coverage of Australia.

AUTOMAP 2 will be installed in late 1982 at the

Army Survey Regiment, Bendigo, Victoria.

Further Inquiries; Major Kevan Wolfe 65 2376 (Direct)

65 2999 (Switchboard) 41 6239 (After Hours)