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Diggers in England

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THURSDAY. MAY 13. 1976 NO. 102/76


Australian soldiers, notorious for their good-natured leg pulling of their opposite numbers from overseas, found themselves on the receiving end when they arrived in England at the start of a month long exercise yesterday (Wednesday).

It was their familiar "slouch hat" that drew the comment.

As the RAF VC10 aircraft taxied to the terminal at Brize Norton, in southern England, the RAF stewardess reminded

the 120 Brisbane—based soldiers not to forget their "cowboy hats".

The soldiers, mainly from B company, 6th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment, are in England for this year's exchange exercise with British troops - Exercise North Star.

For the next month they will be based at Tidworth, near Salisbury Plain, training with 1st Battalion, The Royal Welch (correct spelling) Fusiliers.

A company of the British battalion is currently training in Australia with 5/7RAR at Ho 1 swo^rthy and on exercise in western New South Wales.

The Australians in England had the. last laugh though - after days of 26 deg. springtime weather, steady rain began to

fall as they stepped from the aircraft, and the Diggers donned their raincoats with knowing looks.

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