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Naval communication station North West Cape

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Fr i d a y . MARCH 5. 1976 . NO. 52/76


The Minister for Defence Mr D„J. Kilien today announced the appointment of Mr Arthur Thomas waiters as Civil Commissioner at North West Cape„

Mr Killen said that the position of Civil Commissioner had been created in 1963 by the Commonwealth

Government with the concurrence of the Western Australian Government, as a result of the Agreement with the United States for the establishment of the Naval Communications Station at North West Cape.

The Civil Commissioner represents the Commonwealth and Western Australian Governments in the area. Mr Killen said the Western Australian Government had concurred in the appointment and also intended to appoint Mr W7alters as Commissioner for the Shire of Exmoutr..

Mr Walters is at present employed by the Municipality of Stirling, Western Australia. He served with the AIF during the Second World War and in 1949 joined the RAAF„ He retired in 1974 with the rank of Air Commodore.

Mr Killen said he expected Mr 'Walters would take up his duties at North West Cape in mid March.

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