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Plan for new-style cadet corps

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NO. 9/76

. The Minister for Defence, Mr D.J. Killen, said today he had asked the Department of Defence to draw up a plan for a new system of Service cadets.

"This honours the undertaking I gave during the election campaign to reverse the previous Government's decision t6' disband cadet corps", he said.

"The new-style cadet corps will retain the essential virtues of cadet training, but will rely more heavily on voluntary support from the community.

"Cadet training engenders many valuable qualities in young people. It fosters initiative, leadership, self-discipline,

comradeship and loyalty - all qualities which we should try to develop in young people. *

"I believe the cadet corps of the Navy, Army and Air Force have made a very worthwhile contribution over the years, but this could be enhanced by giving interested organisations and members of the public a chance to accept more responsibility

and develop initiatives for cadet training.

"To be realistic v/e must also consider how much money and Service manpower the Defence Force can afford to devote to cadets. I have asked the Department of Defence to ensure that the new scheme it proposes is less demanding in both these areas.

"The Department will also study the objectives, organisation and training methods of the cadet corps. I hope

it will be possible to devise a scheme which will provide for



greater uniformity between the three cadet organisations than

has been . the case in the past.

"I would welcome any suggestions from voluntary

organisations interested in assisting the Services in the future administration of cadet activities".

Mr Killen said he had asked the Department of Defence to submit proposals to him by the end of February. Although

action to disband the .Army and Force cadet corps, initiated by the previous Government, had been dropped, it would not be ■ ■ ' ■ ■ ■ " 4

possible to recommence Army and Air cadet activities until plans for the new scheme had been drawn up. ,.

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