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Governor General approves battle honours for Army and RAAF

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N0fS REL64SE TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 1982 NO. 192/82


The Minister for Defence, Mr Ian Sinclair, today

announced that the Governor General, Sir Ninian Stephen,

has approved Theatre and Battle Honours which may be awarded

to Australian Army and Royal Australian Air Force units which

took part in the Vietnam War and also to Royal Australian

Air Force units involved in the Korean War.

.The honours approved are:


Theatre Honour ■ ,

"Vietnam 1965 - 1972": To commemorate the service by Απτφ -units during the Vietnam conflict. During the conflict

some 42,000 soldiers served in South Vietnam. , ' ' . ' * i ‘ ■ _ '

Battle Honours ' ' ■

"Long Tan": Awarded for the action by the 6th Battalion,

The Royal Australian Regiment, on August 18-19, 1966.

Following this battle the Australians were able to take the

initiative in Phuoc Tuy Province. .

"Bien Hoa": Awarded for actions between January 24 and March 1,

1968 during which time units of the 1st Australian Task Force

fought a series of intense battles in the defence of the

Bien Hoa-Long Binh military complex. ·

Issued by the Directorate of Public Relations, Department of Defence, Canberra ACT, 2600

"Coral-Balmoral": Between April 21 and June 7, 1968, major

battles were fought at Fire Support Bases Coral and Balmoral.

Several fierce regimental and battalion size attacks were

repulsed by elements of the 1st Australian Task Force.

"Hat Dich": Awarded for an operation between December 3, t

1968 and February 19, 1969 which consisted of a series of

attacks against fiercely defended and cleverly sited bunker

positions in difficult terrain. ,

"Binh Ba"; The battle honour commemorates successful

infantry/armoured engagements in June 1969 which cleared

the enemy from Binh Ba. The operations consisted of a series

of sharp and fierce encounters with enemy groups.


Battle Honours — ' · '

"Korea 1950 - 1953": The RAAF was involved in operations

in Korea between June 27·, 1950 and July 27, 1953. RAAF units

carried out offensive operations against the enemy with notable

success. Support operations included most of the aerial supply

and medical air evacuation for the British Commonwealth Forces

in Korea.

"Vietnam 1964 - 1973": In the Vietnam War, RAAF units

conducted offensive and support operations against the enemy

with notable success. The squadrons were engaged in bombing,

medical evacuation and transport operations.


For the Australian Army, Theatre and Battle .

Honours are bestowed on Armoured and Infantry regiments

which have played a creditable part in a campaign or battle.

Theatre Honours cover the period of a campaign and Battle

Honours recognise major engagements in a campaign.

Royal Australian Air Force units are awarded

Battle Honours to commemorate a notable battle, action or

engagement. Of necessity they cannot be defined with the

same ease as can land battles, and are generally more easily

aligned with the concept of Army Theatre Honours.

Battle Honours are awarded to the Royal Australian

Air Force as a whole and include conditions of eligibility

and define the area of operations.

. - Battle Honours for the Royal Australian Navy .

for Korea and Vietnam, and for the Army in respect of

Korea were approved previously. . * * * * * * * * * *

Ministerial Mr Geoffrey Hole . 02 241 1651

' 062 72 7576 .

Departmental Major Kevan Wolfe 062 65 2376 (Direct) 062 65 2999 (S/Board) 062 41 6239 (A/Hours)