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No cut in civic action

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Statement by the Minister for Defence, M r0 Malcolm Fraser,.MP„

• " \

A report from the ABC Correspondent in Saigon that the

Australian Army is to phase out its civic action projects in Phuoc

Tuy Province, was received in Canberra today/

According to the ABC report, the action to phase out civic

action projedts is contained in an instruction 1 just issued by Army

Headquarters in Saigon,, 1

The Minister, for Defence, M r „ Malcolm Fraser, said today that

if any such instruction had been issued it would be contrary to ·

Government policy,,

The Government had often expressed its strong support for

civic action worko This support remained»

A reduction in civic action was not in contemplation,,

Mr. Fraser said that information was being sought from Vietnam

on the sources of the report. . .

: ' Citeic action had, and continued, to make contributions of ' " " . ' ' . · : . ■

real value which helped the local people of the Province„ It included

schools, market places, simple dispensaries and many other projects„

If security operations continued as we planned and hoped

there would still be in Vietnam the need for such reconstruction,,

Mro Fraser said it was Government policy that the Australian

Army would maintain their civic action activities in Vietnam,,

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