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French Souvenirs at Memorial handover

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DEFENCE PH No. 260/68

Tuesday, 26th...November, 1968


The Director of the Australian War Memorial, Canberra,

Mr. W.R. Lancaster, is to receive two additions to the display

of'mementoes presented to the Australian Forces in France in

1918, which are already on display in the Memorial.

The mementoes will be officially handed over at 11a.m.

tomorrow (November 27) at the Memorial by Colonel E.R. Smith of

Sydney who led the recent Australian Services Contingent, · which

took part in the ceremonies and celebrations in Paris marking

the 50th Anniversary of the end of the 1914-1918 War.

One is a .small metal plaque, pre-aotitcd by the French

A r m y ’s 8th Signal Regiment, bearing the words "A souvenir to the

detachment of the Australian Army which participated in the

ceremonies associated with the 50th anniversary of the Allied

victory of 1918."

' The plaque bears the Regiment’s crest and lists ί

. FLANDERS - 1915

. VERDUN - 1916 ' .

. SOMME - 1916

. MALMAISON- 1917 .

The other memento is a framed certificate of good conduct

presented by Colonel Lehn, Commanding the 8th Signal Training

Regiment to "The Detachment of the Australian Armed Forces which

stayed at Fort de Bicetre on the occasion of the ceremonies

associated with the 11th of November in Paris." '

The certificate goes on to say that the detachment

"displayed exemplary conduct in the true, tradition and brotherhood

of arms which united the Allied troops during the wars of 1914-18

and 1939-45," ' ■

2 .

The three-Service Australian detachment was quartered

at Port de Bicetre, about five miles south of Paris during their

eight-days in France. With them were 26 New Zealand servicemen

whose presence gave' a true "Anzac" flavour to the Anniversary


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