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Re-Organisation of Defence Joint Planning

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SUNDAY, JUNE 30, 1968 .


•(Statement by the Minister for Defence, the Hon. Allen Fairhall, M.P.)

A far-reaching re-organisation in the Defence Department's

planning arid staff arrangements was announced today by the Minister

for Defence, Mr. Allen Fairhall. In his Statement on Defence to

the House of Representatives on 2nd May the Minister observed that

changes in the joint planning arrangements in the Department were

under close consideration. "

In place of the Joint Service committee structure, a

series of planning staffs is being provided to deal with long-range

policy, equipment requirements, joint warfare, joint operations,

joint operational logistics* and joint services communications.

These staffs, which will comprise civilian officers of the Defence

Department and, as appropriate, of- the Department of External

Affairs, as well as Service officers drawn from the three Services, will work under the direction of a Director, Joint Staff. The

work of the planning staffs will be subject to review by the present

high-level Joint Planning Committee having the Director as its _

Chairman. · ·

The Director'and the Planning Staff, will serve - the Secretary of the Department and, on military issues and matters

within their spheres, the Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee

a.nd that Committee. '

The first Director will be Rear-Admiral W.J. Dovers,

previously Director, Joint Service Planning, Department of Defence.

To staff the Service component of the new organisation

the Defence Department will invite the Services to submit

nominations against criteria, related to the jobs to be done.

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The officers selected will be seconded to that Department, normally for three years. Filling of posts on a Service ·

rotational basis will not be the dominant consideration.

Mr. Fairhall said that.the conceptual approach that

underlies the present organisation - that there should be involved

in Defence Department planning those who will have to execute the

plans in their own Services - would be maintained. While Service officers will pro tern belong to the Defence Department they will ' '

have full access to the Services from which they are drawn and

Service papers. Plans prepared by the Joint Staff will be

remitted to the Services for comment.

Mr. Fairhall said 'that joint planning work called for

the participation of civilian and Service'personnel and contribution

from different disciplines. Planning work, particularly strategic planning, embraced'political, economic» scientific, .

technological, psychological factors as well as military factors.

The Defence Science side of the Defence Department, whose

organisation is currently under review, would make an important

contribution. ■

Mr. Fairhall said that necessarily there would be some­

thing of a. transition period during the next few months until all

staff are in position.

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