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Endangered species

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Statement by the Minister for Customs and Excise, Senator the Honourable Lionel Murphy, Q.C.

The Australian Government is prepared to take any steps necessary to prevent trade in mammals, birds and reptiles in danger of worldwide extinction,,

This was announced today by the Minister for Customs, and Excise, Senator Lionel Murphy.

The action to protect all endangered species will include the prohibition of imports and exports of products manufactured from such speciesĀ»

Senator Murphy said that the Government's policy was in line with the recommendations of the House of Representatives Select Committee on Wildlife Conservation. Yesterday he announced that the importation of, whale meat

and whale products into Australia would be prohibited. The export of crocodiles and goods manufactured from them had earlier been banned.

Senator Murphy said that the plan to protect endangered mammals, birds and reptiles threatened with extinction will, include all endangered species listed by the Select Committee and supplemented by the Fauna Authorities Conference.

"The export of any Australian species in danger of extermination and products made from them will be prohibited except for scientific, zoological or educational purposes," he said.

Senator Murphy said that he had consulted with the Minister for Environment and Conservation, Dr Moss Cass, who was equally concerned that Australia should demonstrate to the world that it was prepared to accept its

international responsibilities in conservation matters.

The list of endangered species covered by Senator Murphy’s planned regulations cover 310 species of which 46 are indigenous to Australia. The list of species covered by the present proposal will be added to as this

is found necessary.

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Senator Murphy said that he hoped the action planned by the Australian Government would lead to other Governments taking similar steps e

NOTE The. list of endangered Australian species includes the Tasmanian tiger, bandicoots, wombats, rat kangaroos, .wallabies, , parakeets and parrots,, the Western whip, bird,

the helme.ted honey—eater and the swamp tortoise. The full list is to be found in Appendix VI. of the. Report of the House of Representatives Select Committee on Wildlife Conservation.


9 January 1973