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Record seizure of narcotic drugs

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Statement ..-by..the Minister for Customs and Excise, The Hon. D.L. Chipp


The Commonwealth Bureau of Narcotics, made a record seizure of drugs, in Sydney t o d a y . ......■

The Minister for Customs, and Excise (Mr....D.L..Chipp M.P.) said this in Canberra today (16 October).

He said : "This record seizure consists of about

26 lbs. of amphetamines, valued at an estimated $400,000 on the illicit market. -

"Six people have been apprehended and are a t ....

present being questioned by officers of the Bureau of N a r c o t i c s . Further arrests are expected."

The Minister said that, this amphetamine, w a s ...· . . . . . . identical in type to the, 42 l b s . recently stolen from a Sydney warehouse. ...

During the raid;three pistols and a quantity of ammunition were also seized.

Mr Chipp said . : . "I am particularly grateful ........

to the New South Wales Police for the.assistance .they gave in the mounting of the operation."


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