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Customs seize exported Australian currency

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Statement by the Minister for Customs and Excise.

Senator the Hon, Malcolm Scott

An attempt to export illegally about $100,000 in Australian

banknotes has been thwarted as a result of co-operation between officers

of the Australian Department of Customs and Excise, Qantas Security

officers and Hong Kong Customs authorities.

The Minister for Customs and Excise (Senator Malcolm Scott)

said this in Perth today (22 December).

He said: "The currency was concealed in a suitcase en route

to a Hong Kong address when it was intercepted. It has been brought

back to Australia by a senior officer of my Department's Prevention and

Detection Service, who travelled especially to Hong Kong on Friday,

20 December. ■

"The officer returned to Australia today. In the meantime,

extensive enquiries and interrogations are taking place in Hong Kdng and

Australia. '

"It is suspected that the money may have been intended to

purchase prohibited "imports.

"This is the first occasion on which goods suspected of

having been illegally exported have been repatriated to Australia. The

seizure is the result of close co-operation between Hong Kong and

Australian Customs authorities and Qantas Security officers.

"The success of this operation is a measure of the continuing

spirit of co-operation between Australian and overseas Customs authorities

particularly in the South East Asian^area."


22 December 1968 54