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First conference of sub-collectors of customs

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First Conference of Sub-Collectors of Customs

The first Conference of Sub-Collectors of Customs

to be held in Australia will take place at the Customs House,

Cairns, Queensland on 22nd and 23rd July.

The Sub-Collectors attending will be those of

Mackay, Bowen, Townsville, Innisfail, Cairns, Weipa, Thursday

Island; the Excise officer at Mareeba will also attend.

The Conference will be opened by the Comptroller-

General of Customs, Mr. A. Τ'. Carmody, O.B.E., who will be

accompanied by the First Assistant Comptroller-General,

Mr. B. Ortlepp and Assistant Comptroller-General, Mr. G. Sheen.

The Collector of Customs, Queensland, Mr. D. Reid will attend.

• The principal object of the Conference is to discuss

Customs outport operations and to review all methods and

procedures, including those adopted for the prevention of


Customs outports are ports outside the capital cities

with permanent Customs services; each outport is under the

control of a Sub-Collector of Customs, who is responsible to

the Collector of Customs in the respective capital city.

Further information about the Conference may be obtained

from the Sub-Collector of Customs at Cairns, Mr. A. A. Pryke.

Cairns. 32

18th July, 1968