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Stop giving us extra money, department pleads

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conwuncRrionsj Press ReleaseNo. 8 2 / 9 4 Date 15 December 1982 ^STOP GIVING US EXTRA MONEY, DEPARTMENT PLEADSThe Department of Communications is being paid more money by operators of CB radios and handphone radios than it wants. .A spokesman for the Department said today confusion had resulted among licensees following the recent introduction of revised fee scales for radiocommunications licences.Previously licensees paid a $22 fee which allowed them to operate up to five transceivers. This had been abandoned because it was found that the average number of sets licensed was about two.The new arrangements provided for a fixed fee of $9 for each y transceiver owned by a licensee - in bther words, one set/one licence.Confusion could have arisen because as a transitional measure DOC was issuing renewal notices to allow the separate licensing of up to five CB sets and handphones previously covered by the single $22 licence."Some operators with fewer transceivers than five think they have to pay $9 for each of the five parts of the licence number," the spokesman said. "We are becoming a bit embarrassed by getting cheques for $45 when we should be being paid $9 or $18."In any case most CBers should be paying less overall than last year because of the number of them operating only one or two sets."All those getting renewal notices should read the instructions carefully. All we want is $9 for each radio transceiver installed."The spokesman said DOC would not keep the extra cash it was receiving, but would arrange refunds once approached by those who had overpaid.15 December 1982