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$153 000 allocated for public broadcasters

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Press Release

No. 8 2 / 4 6 Date 17 A u g u s t 1 9 8 2

Minister for Communications The Hon. N.A. Brown, Q.C., M.P.


Grants to public broadcasting stations to establish and

develop their services will come from an allocation of $153 000 this financial year.

Mr Neil Brown, the Minister for Communications, said today that actual grants to individual organisations would be determined

as soon as possible.

"A committee from my Department, the Special Broadcasting

Service and the Public Broadcasting Association of. Australia

will be calling for applications for grants shortly," Mr Brown said.

Last year the Government provided $139 000 in grants to public

broadcasters. It recognised that public broadcasting was an integral part of the broadcasting scene in Australia and deserved support.

Stations licensed for public broadcasting provided educational,

community and special interest services in all the States and Territories.

17 August 1982