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Increased subsidies for ethnic broadcasting

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Press Release

No. 8 2 / 3 2 Date 25 J u l y 1 9 8 2


Minister for Communications The Hon. N.A. Brown, Q.C., M.P.

, l n o , 53.


Government subsidies for the production and transmission of

ethnic radio programs on public broadcasting stations are to be increased by .more than 60%.

The Government has provided such subsidies through the Special

• Broadcasting Service since 1978 pending the long-term develop­

ment of ethnic radio. Last year the amount was $400 000.

Today the Minister for Communications, Mr Neil Brown, announced

that $650 000 would be provided in 1982-83. ·

The Government's decision follows its consideration of the

evaluation of the Galbally Report on post-arrival programs and

services for migrants by the Australian Institute of Multi­

cultural Affairs. .

"Public broadcasting stations are important in providing ethnic

radio programs in centres not directly served by the Special

Broadcasting Service stations 2EA and 3EA," Mr Brown said.

"These programs are of great assistance to migrants in helping

them settle in Australia while retaining links with their


Training of Ethnic Broadcasters

Mr Brown also announced that over the next three years the

Government would provide a further $90 000 to public broadcasting

stations to pay for training courses for people producing and presenting ethnic radio programs. A Liaison Committee involving

the SBS and the Public Broadcasting Association of Australia

. . . /2


will make recommendations to the Board of the SBS on how the

funds should be allocated.

The need to provide such courses was identified in the AIMA

evaluation of the Galbally Report.

Mr Brown added that in regard to the long-term development of

ethnic radio a discussion paper would be issued shortly for

public comment. Following that, a report would be prepared

for the Government's consideration.

25 July 1982