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Abolition of competitive secondary scholarships scheme

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T h e ^Minister for the Capital Territory

The abolition of the competitive secondary scholarships'- scheme was a long overdue reform, the Minister for the. Capital Territory, Mr. Gordon Bryant, saiti "today. , · ' .

He said that competition in this form had no place

in the modern educational context.

"There is no evidence that it has assisted students . who need financial assistance. In fact, there is substantial evidence that it was awarded to well-off students in no need . · · of financial help. ,

"It was an election gimmick dredged out of the . ’ · nineteenth century by the Menzies Government in 1965 and was particularly irrelevant in an education system like that in Victoria where external competitive exams had practically been abolished, .

"The introduction of secondary allowances based on needs will revolutionise the educational opportunities of . thousands of Australian students and is a step along the road of universal,effective secondary education.

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’ "Mr. Lynch's criticism that the decision to discontinue, the competitive scheme was 'illconsidered* as it took no account

of academic ability shows that he has no appreciation of the real issues in Australian education. .

"I wonder if the Liberal Party's two other Education spokesmen, Senator Rae and Mr. Fraser, have any greater .


"There is little evidence that success at competitive exams is necessary criteria for success in tertiary education".

"However the object is not just to give'children access to tertiary education, but to give them the opportunity to complete

secondary school·*- . .

. "The Minister for Education is to be congratulated

on implementing this part of Labor Policy which was set down in

1966V. . . . ; . '

Issued at Canberra