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10 more taxi licences would be issued in the A.C.T.

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The M inister for the Tapitat T errito ry

The Minister for the Capital Territory, Mr Kep Enderby, said today

10 more taxi licences would be issued in the ACT.

A ballot would be held as soon as possible to determine who would

get the plates.

Mr Enderby said there had been considerable public debate in which

concern had been expressed about the very high prices being paid for the

purchase of existing licences. *

He said it was wrong for licences obtained in a ballot at no cost

to command such high prices. The 10 new licences would not be transferable.

When an owner of one of the new plates left the industry he would

have to hand his licence back.

The Motor Traffic Ordinance would be amended to provide for the issue

of non-transferable licences.

Mr Enderby said he was still interested in the possibility of a ■ ■ i

Government-managed taxi service. Ways of doing this were bbing examined.

It was intended to maintain the ratio of cabs to population at about

one to each 1500 people. !

The size of the Canberra taxi fleet would be reviewed at the end of the

Budget Session of the Parliament to'establish whether : there should be further

issues of licences, Mr Enderby said.

18 June 1973