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Australian Capital Territory's prices controller (doctors' fees)

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In answer to questions today, the Minister for the

Capital Territory, Mr Kep Enderby, said that doctors'

fees were a matter that could be referred to the

Australian Capital Territory's Prices Controller under

the recently re-activated Ordinance.

"This is primarily a question of Australia-wide

significance", Mr Enderby said, " and as such a matter

for my colleague, the Minister for Social Security,

Mr Hayden.

"But whereas the Australian Government's hands are

largely tied by the constitution in relation to.acting

for Australia as a whole on this matter, the States

can act - as South Australia is apparently considering

doing - and it/'certainly a matter we could look into in

the Australian Capital Territory, if the public interest

requires it.

"I will discuss the matter with my colleague Mr· Hayden."

"Groups such as doctors, lawyers and real estate agents

should not conider themselves odtside the control of

Parliament. They are subject to the same responsibility

as any other citizens to adjust their- private interests

to the common good".


5 June 1973