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Mr. Jack Marshall prices controller & Mr. John McFarland

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^ T h e Minister for the Capital Territory

The Minister for the Capital Territory, Mr Kep Enderby,

announced today the appointment of Mr Jack Marshall as Prices Controller

and Mr John McFarland as Deputy Prices Controller under the Prices

Regulation Ordinance. '

Mr Marshall is Acting City Manager of the Department of the

Capital Territory and Mr McFarland is Executive Officer of the Commercial ยท

Practices Section of the Commercial and Transport Operations Branch. '

Mr Enderby said that the appointments were of a temporary

nature and. would continue only until the Public Service Board had approved

of new staffing arrangements which were necessary for the administration X

of the Prices Regulation Ordinance. When the approval was obtained .

consideration would be given to the question of permanent appointments

under the Ordinance.

Mr Enderby said he was hopeful that the legislation would help .

slow down long established inflationary trends.

25 May 1973