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Some regrowth in clearings in aquatic plants

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■ Some regrowth in clearings in aquatic plants in the

western reaches of Lake Burley Griffin will he sprayed "by

City Parks Administration during the next few weeks so that

the dead plants can be burned off. '

• The weedicide to be used is Dalapon which is not harm­

ful to humans, fish or birds. "

' It has been part of lake management policy to maintain a

considerable length of the margins in the western reaches with

a natural growth of reeds and other aquatic plants that might

provide shelter and protection to water birds and refuge to

f ish.

Openings in this growth of marginal plants have been

cleared during past maintenance work so that fishermen and

other .lakeside visitors could have direct access to the waters

of the lake at suitable points. .

2 May 1973