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The Department of the Capital Territory plans to recover a capsule

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-P Avs . The Department of the Capital Territory plans to recover a capsule containing land lease information that was buried in 19^2 as a war-time security measure.

The capsule with its photo-reduced survey plans and other information would have enabled the restoration of

most ACT land leases if the original documents had been ' destroyed in the war. . .

The capsule will be unearthed from its hiding place at 10am next Monday (19 February). It was buried a short

distance from Mt Stromlo along a direct line between the trigonometric stations on Mt Stromlo and Black Mountain.

The recovery party will be led to the location by.the only living person associated with its burial. He is Mr J.F.V. Knight" , who was then a staff surveyor of the Property · and Survey Branch of the former Department of the Interior.

. Mr Knight retired from .the Department in 19^9 when he . was the chief development officer in the Department's Lands Branch. '

. He is now a consultant to the Property and Plans

Division of the Australian National University. .

The idea of recovering the capsule came from his dis­ cussions with Property and Plans staff interested in the

preservation of documents over a long period.

Other academic staff at the university and the Depart­ ment of the Capital Territory also want to see how the capsule and its contents have weathered in the ground and the Department of the Capital Territory is interested to learn what information was stored in the capsule.

The capsule is located outside the 200-acre lease granted to the Australian National University when it took

over control of the Mount Stromlo Observatory in 1956, but

lies in a fringe area that the Commonwealth undertook to

keep free of any development that might interfere with the work of the observatory. ' .

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Present at the unearthing of the capsule will he the

Minister for the Capital Territory, Mr Kep Enderhy, the Secretary of the Department of the Capital Territory,

Mr L.W.B. Engledow, the Acting First Assistant Secretary, Department of Services and Property, Mr E . Wigley, other

departmental officials and representatives of the Australian

National University. .

15 February 1973

NOTE: Media teams interested in covering the unearthing

of the capsule should assemble at 9·U5am outside the Oddie telescope on the highest point of Mt

Stromlo. It is the second telescope along the main road up the mountain.

Light refreshments will be served afterwards in the Duffield Building of the Mt Stromlo Observatory.