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The Department of the Capital Territory is studying table margarine.

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The Department of the Capital Territory is studying

the prospects for establishment o'f a table " margarine

manufacturing industry in the A.C.T.

The Minister for the Capital Territory, Mr Kep Enderby,

asked for the study after this week's meeting of the

Australian Agricultural Council in Canberra.

Mr Enderby said today that he had pressed at the

meeting for, recognition of the A.C.T.1s right to a table /

margarine production quota„ . .

In raising the national production level by 6,000

tons to 22,000 tons,' the Council" had offered the A.C.T. a

quota of 300 tons, Mr Enderby said.

"We have not taken up the offer immediately," the

Minister said, "but it· is important to establish the

entitlement and I welcome the council's decision. ·

"Margarine production appears to be an industry

well suited to the Canberra area and we will look further

into the possibilities before the next Agricultural Council

meeting in July," Mr Enderby said.

"My own belief is that the quota system should be . ■ 4·

ended as soon as practicable in the interests of consumers

generally and on health grounds. , ,

"It may well be that a margarine industry in the

Commonwealth Territories, operating without quotas to

restrict their output, would be the best way to free

Australia from the present restrictive system]'

Canberra, 8 February 1 973