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Temporary Assistance Authority report on brandy, whisky, gin and vodka

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The Minister for Primary Industry, Mr Ian Sinclair,

the Minister for Industry and Commerce, Senator Robert Cotton

and the Minister for Business and Consumer Affairs, Mr Wal. Fife

announced today the Government's decision concerning the

Authority's report of 24 March 1977 on Brandy, Whisky, Gin and

Vodka. ■

. The Ministers said that following consideration o f '

all the issues involved, the Government accepted the Authority's

f ■ndings in relation to the action necessary to protect the

Australian industry producing brandy and whisky. As a ·

consequence the Ministers said that the following short-term .

measures would apply to brandy and whisky .

. . a temporary additional duty raising customs

. duties on these goods to $12.50 per litre

of alcohol (; .

. tariff quotas to. apply to clearances of imports

of brandy and whisky for the six months period

commencing 22 August 1977 at a level, equivalent

to 40% of imports entered for home consumption

. during 1975-76;-and '

. goods entered for home consumption in excess -. of the tariff quotas will be dutiable at '

$12.50 per plus a further temporary

' - additional customs duty of $20.00 per . .

The Ministers said that this assistance for brandy "

and whisky is expected to a. :sist in the maintenance of employment

levels in the industry pending a review of the industry's long-term

assistance needs by the Industries Assistance .Commission.

. . . / 2


. The Ministers said that a reference will he sent to

the IAC on all potable spirits and the IAC will be asked for

an interim report by 30 November 1977 on whether short-term

assistance should be accorded whisky and brandy beyond 21 February

1978 and if so, the nature and level of such assistance.

In relation to the tariff quotas being introduced the

Ministers noted that the Authority had recommended a base period

for quota allocation of the 1976 calendar year. It has been

decided howeverto allocate quotas on the basis of clearances of

imports for home consumption during the 12 months ended 31 August

1977. This is expected to more adequately reflect recent ‘

marketing patterns. .

• The Ministers added that while the Authority had

proposed that similar short-term assistance be applied to other

potable spirits, including gin and vodka, the Government had

decided that these goods would not be subject to the above

assistance measures at this time. ' .

The Ministers announced that the policy aspects

concerning the tariff quotas on whisky will be the responsibility

of the Minister for Industry and Commerce. The policy aspects

concerning the tariff quotas on brandy will be the responsibility

of the Minister for Primary Industry. .

Administration of the tariff quotas will be the

responsibility of the Minister for Business and Consumer Affairs.

Details of the administrative arrangements relating to the

allocation of quotas will be announced as soon as possible by

means of a Bureau of Customs Notice.

The report of the Temporary Assistance Authority will

be made available from the Australian Government Publishing

Service retail bookshop in each of the capital cities at the

earliest possible time. .

CANBERRA A.C.T. . . · , -

23 September 1977 '