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Financing promotion of rural products

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The Minister for Primary Industry, Mr Ian Sinclair, and the Acting

Minister for Business and Consumer Affairs, Mr Ian Macphee, today released

details of the Government's decision on the report of the Industries Assistance

Commission on Financing Promotion of Rural Products.

The Ministers said the traditional triennial funding arrangement for

wool promotion would not he pursued at this time, hut future financing would

he reviewed annually.

The review would include consideration of the level of support for the

following year and, for indicative planning purposes, support for the two .

subsequent years.

The total funding of wool promotion will continue to be shared by

woolgrowers and the Government.

In 1977/78> $19-9 million will be provided by the Government for promotion

as well as the research undertaken by the International Wool Secretariat.

The present basis for determining assistance for export promotion of

rural products other than wool will continue pending the next review of the

Export Market Developments Grants (E.M.D.G.) Scheme.

The Government also agreed to maintain the Overseas Trade Publicity

Committee pending the review.

The Ministers said that marketing boards and other collective organisations

involved in promoting rural products would be enabled to borrow to finance

promotion. For this purpose the Government would take action to amend the

relevant legislation where necessary and also would provide Government

guarantees where desirable.


5 July 1977