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Interim report on plywood and veneer (thick plywood)

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77/62 BACA



(Joint Statement by the Acting Minister for

Industry and Commerce, Senator Peter Durack

and the Minister for Business and Consumer

Affairs, Mr. John Howard) ■

The Acting Minister for Industry and Commerce, Senator Peter

Durack and the Minister for Business and Consumer Affairs, Mr John Howard

today released the Industries Assistance Commission's interim report on

thick plywood and announced that the Government had accepted the Commission's

recommendation that tariff quotas on imports of thick plywood should

continue after 30 June 1977·

The Ministers said that the Commission had recommended that a

tariff quota of 10,000 cubic metres apply to imports of thick plywood

cleared for home consumption between 1 July 1977 and 30 June 1978, excluding

plywood of New Zealand origin, high moisture resistant plywood of Papua New

Guinea origin entitled to by-law admission and plywood faced with Western

Red Cedar or Californian Redwood. The Commission recommended that imports in .

excess of this level be subject to an additional duty of 35 cents per square

metre for each 1 mm or part thereof in excess of 5 · 5 ™ in thickness. The

Ministers said that these recommendations had been accepted by the Government.

Quotas will be allocated to individual importers on an annual basis

and will be based on clearances for home consumption in the 12 months period

ended 30 June 1976. In allocating quotas, account will be taken of the '

Commission's suggestion that thick marine plywood be accorded different

treatment from other types of thick plywood.

The Ministers for Industry and Commerce and Business and Consumer

Affairs will continue to have responsibility for the policy and administration

aspects of the tariff quotas respectively.. Details of the quotas and the

administrative arrangements will be announced in the near future by the

Department of Business and Consumer Affairs.

Copies of the Commission's interim report are expected to be

available in the near future from Australian Government Publishing Service

Bookshops in capital cities.

The Commission has stated that it expects to forward its report

on long-term assistance for plywood and veneer production to the Government

before 30 June 1978.


10 JUNE 1977