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Industries Assistance Commission report - sacks, bags and certain polyolefin fabrics

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The Minister for Industry and Commerce, Senator

Robert Cotton, and the Minister for Business and Consumer

Affairs, Mr John Howard, announced today that the Government

had decided that the following duties will apply, subject

to international commitments, to sacks, bags and certain

polyolefin fabrics :

. a long-term rate of 35%, on and from 1 July 1979,

to certain woven or knitted polyolefin fabrics and

sacks and bags under reference other than woolpacks,

jute bags, calico bags and stockinette bags to which

minimum rates will apply immediately

. short-term assistance until 30 June 1979 as

follows :

- on certain woven or knitted fabrics : 30% or,

if higher, $0.10 per square metre

- on knitted sacks an

: 35% and $0.05 per bag

- on sacks and bags (excluding woolpacks) made from

woven man-made fibre materials : until 30 June

. 1977 - present rates and quota provisions; from

1 July 1977 - 35% and $0.07 per bag (leno weave

i.e. open mesh), 35% and $0.13 per bag (other).

These decisions followed the Government1s consideration

of the Industries Assistance Commission's report of 26 November

1976 on Sacks, Bags and Certain Polyolefin Fabrics.

The Ministers said that the short-term levels of

assistance for polyolefin fabrics and polyolefin bags are

. . ./2


intended to provide the opportunity for the industry to

rationalise its activities in those areas of production

which are able to compete against imports with the 35% longĀ­

term level of assistance with a minimum of disruptive

effects. Any future investment decisions by the industry

should take account of the long-term rate of duty of 35%

to apply from 1 July 1979.

Details of the Customs Tariff changes arising from

the Government's decision will be announced when administrative

-arrangements to .implement them have been finalised.

Copies of the Commission's report are available

at Australian Government Publishing Service retail book

Shops in each of the capital cities.


28 March 1977