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Tariff quotas - brassieres

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(joint statement by the Minister for Industry and Commerce, Senator.Robert Cotton, and the .Minister for· Business and Consumer . Affairs, Mr John Howard.)

Senator Robert Cotton, Minister for Industry and

Commerce, and Mr John Howard, Minister for Business and

Consumer Affairs, announced today that the Government had

decided to:

. continue tariff quota arrangements on

brassieres beyond 31 December 1976 for a

period of up to two years:

. refer the matter of long-term assistance for

the foundation garment industry to the

. Industries Assistance Commission for inquiry

and report by 30 September 1977.

The Government took these decisions following advice

received from the Industries Assistance Commission in its

report on Brassieres.

The Ministers said that the continuation of

tariff quotas on brassieres was in the nature of short­

term assistance pending further Government decisions on

the long-term levels of assistance to be accorded the

manufacture in Australia of foundation garments. Imports

under quota will be limited to the following annual

levels, with above quota imports subject to the following

additional duties:

. . ./2


Period Annual Quota


(million units)

Additional Above Quota Duty

On and From 1.1.77 2.66 $2.50 each

1.7.77 3.0 $2.00 each

1.1.78 3.5 $1.50 each

1.7.78 4.0 $1.00 each

Imports from New Zealand will continue to be exempt

from tariff quota action.

The Industries Assistance Commission had found

that whilst production by the local brassiere industry had

increased since the introduction of tariff quotas manufacturers

are still producing below capacity; stocks are currently at

relatively high, levels; and profitability is down overall.

It was satisfied that removal of tariff quotas at this stage

would result in a substantial increase in imports and

serious disruption to the local market.

The quota levels to be implemented are expected to

achieve a measure of stability in the brassiere industry, the

Ministers said. ·

The Ministers also said that the basis of allocating

quota levels would be changed to take account of individuals1

actual imports', including above quota imports, in recent

times. Imports will be advised of their initial quota

allocations as soon as possible by the Bureau of Customs.

Copies of the Commission's report will be available

in the near future at Australian Government Publishing

Service retail bookshops in each of the capital cities


1 7 December 1976