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Minister re-affirms dumping policy

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The Minister for Business and Consumer Affairs, Mr. John Howard,

said today that efiective legislation existed to protect Australian industry

against dumped imports.

Mr. Howard said that some sectors of local industry had expressed

concern that recent changes made to the Customs valuation system might

have weakened the Bureau oi Customs ability to take effective antidumping

action. ยท ' *

The Minister said that there is no basis for tnis concern. He

pointed out th&t dumping is covered by its own separate legislation*

Under that legislation, if goods are exported to australia at less than

their normal value and Australian industry is thereby injured or a threat

of injury is found, remedial action can be taKen. This includes the

imposition oi 'dumping cash securities' and the imposition oi dumping


Mr. Howard said it is important that industry be protected against

unfair competition from dumped imports. The present dumping legislation

provides that protection will be usea wherever injurious dumping is found*

It is also important tnat in tne event of dumping action being

taken against imports there should be avenues for appeal. The current

legislation provides lor appeal procedures.

The Minister said that a number of goods are at present subject

to dumping cash securities following complaints by local manufacturers

and subsequent investigation by the Bureau of Customs.


22 August. 1976 '