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T.A.A. on orange juice

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The Minister for Primary Industry, Mr Ian Sinclair

and the Minister for Business and Consumer Affairs, Mr John

Howard, today announced that the- Government had accepted the

recommendations of the Temporary Assistance Authority regarding

the need for urgent action to protect the Australian orange .

industry in relation to imports of orange juice.

. . The reference arose from representations from grower

organisations to the Minister for Primary Industry and was

supported by State Ministers of Agriculture and some processors. \ .

The reference was forwarded to the Authority on 15 June 1976.

The Government has decided that the most appropriate

form of protection is the imposition of tariff quotas on imports

of orange juice. From 1 July 1976 to 30 June 1977 clearances .

for home consumption at the current rate of duty will be

restricted to the equivalent of 28.3 million litres of single

strength orange juice. This is equivalent to the projected

shortfall on the Australian market of 42,000 tonnes of fresh

fruit plus stocks in bond on 30 June 1976. Clearances beyond

that figure will be subject to a temporary additional duty

of 12 cents per litre on a single strength basis. .

These quotas will not apply to orange juice the product

or manufacture of New Zealand origin. .

Goods in bond or in transit as at the date of

announcement will be allowed entry for home consumption at existing

rates if entered within twenty-one days of this announcement or ■ * - ' ■

arrival but quantities entered will be.debited against quota

- - */2

entitlements for 1976-77.


No special provisions will be made for goods on firm

order. Quotas will be allocated according to individual import

performance based on clearances for home consumption in the

three year period from 1 July 1973 to 30 June 1976. There will

be a single allocation of the annual quota entitlements.

The Ministers announced that policy aspects of the

administration of the tariff quotas will be the joint

responsibility of the Minister for Primary Industry and the

Minister for Industry and Commerce. Administration of the

quota arrangements will be the responsibility of the Minister ■ \ ■ ' ■ ■ ·

for Business and Consumer Affairs. . .

The Ministers emphasised that the restriction was of

a holding nature designed to allow the industry time to resolve

its problems relating to the existing over-supply situation in

the orange industry. The Government has forwarded a reference

on the question of long-term assistance to the citrus fruit

industry to the Industries Assistance Commission. The Commission

has been asked to provide an interim report by the end of .

February 1977 on the level of tariff quotas, if any, to apply

after June 1977. , ,

The report of the Temporary Assistance Authority would

be made available from the Australian Government Publishing

Service at the earliest possible time.


27 JULY 1976