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Consumer protection staff in the Northern Territory

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The Minister for Business and Consumer Affairs, Mr Tohn Howard, today announced that the Trade Practices Commission was taking urgent action to assess the need for permanent staff in the Northern Territory which could handle restrictive trade practices and consumer protection

problems. .

Mr Howard said that he had received representations from the Executive Member for Consumer Affairs in the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly - Mr Marshall Perron - that such staff was needed in the Territory.

Following those representations Mr Howard said he had taken the matter up with the Trade Practices Commission, which had withdrawn its staff from the Northern Territory at the time of the 1974 Darwin cyclone.

The Trade Practices Commission is now sending a senior officer to Darwin and, if possible, Alice Springs, to make an on-the-spot assessment of the need for permanent staff in the Territory. The Officer, Mr Keith Harvey, is to arrive in Darwin next Monday (8 March

1976) and will work in the Territory until Easter. .

During the time he is in the Territory, Mr Harvey will be available to advise local businessmen and consumers on the operation of the Trade Practices Act 1974-1975.

Mr Harvey will work closely with local authorities in the Northern Territory and will be active in meeting local community groups and consumers.

Upon his return to Canberra, Mr Harvey will report upon the permanent staff needed by the Trade Practices Commission and the Federal Government generally to handle these matters in the Northern Territory.

Mr Howard said that he hoped all interested persons would make full use of the presence of Mr Harvey, and that they would put to Mr Harvey their views on the best form of administration of federal restrictive trade practices and consumer protection laws in the Territory. .


3 March 1976.


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