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Australian Minister for Agriculture

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The Australian Minister for Agriculture, Senator Ken

Wriedt, today advised organisations involved in the marketing of

primary products - in particular, non-statutory organisations -

to examine closely any price-fixing agreements to which they are


Under those provisions of the Trade Practices Act 1974

which became operative on 1st October, price-fixing agreements

between competing sellers in restraint of trade could no longer

be maintained or madei Provisions disallowing other restrictive

trade practices such as exclusive dealing and price discrimination

would come into operation on 1st February 1975.

Although Sub-Section 51(1) of the Act exempts certain

conduct of statutory bodies from the restrictive trade practices

provisions, non-statutory organisations were in a different

position, the Minister said. At the same time, Sub-Section 172(2)

allowed for the possibility of exempting by regulation conduct

engaged in by a specified body performing primary product. .

marketing functions. Temporary exemption had, in fact, already

been given to several organisations by regulation 28A gazetted

on 1st October 1974. , :

The Minister urged marketing bodies to study the new

Act thoroughly. Where any doubt existed as to its effect on

practices already engaged in or under consideration, advice

should be sought from the bodies' legal advisers, the nearest

office of the Trade Practices Commission or the Australian

Department of Agriculture in Canberra.