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Leader of Opposition sought to impugn the Deputy Prime Minister

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if Turn τιαίΝ ιιτ ιιια τιαίΜ «2/9 KEVIN NEWMAN Μ ΡMINISTER FOR ADMNSTRATIVE SERVICES |0_ _ ./ - .Yesterday in the House, the Leader of the Opposition sought to impugn the Deputy Prime Minister.He named Mr. Anthony as the Federal Minister of the Crown referred to in the allegations on a TV program.Mr. Hayden tried to justify his attempted blackguarding of the Deputy Prime Minister by saying that the allegations had been made on a sworn affidavit. Further, he said that he understood that this affidavit was held by Channel 9.Mr. Newman has been informed by a representative of Channel 9 that it does not have such an affidavit.Further, a formal inquiry by the Australian Federal Police has revealed that the Channel does not have such an affidavit.Mr. Newman challenged Mr. Hayden to reveal where this so-called affidavit is held. If.Mr. Hayden cannot meet this challenge he stands convicted of amost disgraceful and deceitful act. He is guilty of telling lies to the Parliament if he cannot produce or give details of the so-called affidavit.Mr. Newman also repeated his call that he made in Federal Parliament yesterday that any person, including the.../2


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Leader of the Opposition, who has information concerning

Mr. V o l k m a n 1s allegations, to come forward and offer it

to the Australian Federal Police or to any other police


As well, he revealed that he had requested the

Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police to formally

seek any facts upon which Mr. Volkman has based his



12 March 1982