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Aboriginal Affairs funding

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this year, 75% will be spent by Aboriginals themselves on priorities decided by them. I reject as outlandish the claim by a candidate for election to the National Aboriginal Conference that more than 85% of the $1,200 million allocated

to the Department of Aboriginal Affairs since 1972 had been spent in administration by white bureaucrats."

to the Department of Aboriginal Affairs since 1970, approximately 10% had been spent bn administration. This proportion compared very favourably with other organisations, including those controlled by the Aboriginal people. The remainder of the money allocated to the welfare of the Aboriginal people was spent on programs through other bodies. Aboriginals, of

course, have access to all the programs available to all Australian citizens, in addition to the special programs directed to them as a people.

reference to white bureaucrats. "To identify certain officers for criticism by the colour of their skin is to perpetuate the sort of racist attitudes which we are striving to eliminate. Dedicated and competent people, both white and black, were working in the Department and in bodies such as the Aboriginal Development Commission and Aboriginal Hostels. The latter two bodies were controlled by the Aboriginal people and money

chanelled through the Department was increasingly being directed to Aboriginal organisations which were then responsible for their own management.

fed tape1 attached to Government grants be severed. After all, Government grants are taxpayers'* money and there must be strict controls on the way this money is spent.

CANBERRA, A.C.T. 9 October 1981

Senator the Hon. Peter Baume


Of the funds available for Aboriginal advancement

Senator Baume said that of the $1,200 million allocated

The Minister said that heĀ· regretted the slighting

It is unrealistic to suggest that the 1 strings and

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