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No retrenchments due to budget cuts

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The Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Mr Viner, said today that he was sending a letter to all Aboriginal communities and organisations (copy attached) giving reassurances that jobs would not be lost and more money would be available later. >

Mr Viner said he had given instructions to his .

Department that he was to be advised of any projected retrenchments. Because of the unemployment situation amongst Aboriginals, it is the Government's intention as . far as possible to retain the current level of employment. These special arrangements would not apply to organisations · which could not demonstrate adequate performance. Some

organisations had already been informed that, because of inadequate performance, they would receive less money this year and might need to reduce the number of Aboriginal staff employed. The Minister expected, however, that the number

involved in this category would be small.

Mr Viner said: "I will take swift and appropriate action to ensure that the Government's intention to maintain Aboriginal employment, at least at its present level, is given effect. . . -

"It is essential that Aboriginal communities are assured that jobs will not be lost as a result of reduced Budget provisions for housing and enterprises. _

"Employment will be maintained through special arrangements with the Treasury during the supply period and pending the outcome of reviews into housing and enterprises."

The Minister said he had already given assurances publicly - on television, radio and in the press - that substantial additional funds would be available during this ' time. ·

The Treasurer had also given this promise publicly and in Parliament.- The Prime Minister had given similar undertakings in the press. . . . -

CANBERRA ACT 25 August 1976


Mi n i s t e r f o r a b o r i g i n a l Af f a i r s

C A N B ER R A . A . C . T . 2 6 0 0

19 August 1976

Dear Friends,

I aim writing to you again because I want to make sure that you understand what the Government is doing in relation to funding. I am attaching two documents: the first is the extract from the speech by Mr Lynch, the Treasurer, about Aboriginal Affairs programmes; the second

is a press statement which I have issued about funds.

. There are ■ ! ■ ■ two important aspects in these documents:- " - .

Additional Funds .

- The Government has undertaken to provide more funds for Aboriginal Affairs as soon as the reviews of the housing and enterprises areas have been completed.

Unemployment . . ' .

. . Aboriginal communities and individuals are assured that jobs will not be lost because of the presently reduced level of funds in housing and enterprise areas.

Special arrangements have been made to ensure that employment was maintained. . .

. This information will put into proper perspective all the stories written about the Aboriginal Affairs budget this financial year. -

Yours sincerely,