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Opening of Aboriginal housing project at Roseby Park Reserve, Orient Point, near Nowra, NSW

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The Minister for Aboriginal Affaire, Mr Winer, today officially opened an Aboriginal housing project at Roseby Park Reserve, Orient Point, near Noutra, NSW.

Mr Wirier said the project, developed by the Oerringah Tribal Housing Company Pty. Ltd., arid funded by the Federal Govern­ ment, was one o f ,the best examples of a successful Aboriginal housing association project in NSW.

The company had been formed in March, 1974. Although it had begun construction work only ih May last year all 16 houses and associated serviced arid roads were expected to be completed by the end of this year.

All the houses had been built using mainly Aboriginal labour.

At present, three houses were completed, one other only needed painting, six were at the lock-up stage and the other six were at an advanced stage of construction.

Eventually all 125 Aboriginals who were now living in sub-standard timber and fibre cottages on the Reserve would be accommodated in the new houses and in eight pensioner units which were yet to be built. :

The project had employed between 1B and 21 Aboriginals and about six white tradesmen for the past year,

Ten of the Aboriginals were following technical training courses and were getting • ’on-the-job’ 1 experience which was essential if they were to become fully qualified tradesmen. .

Mr Winer said the employment and training given to Aboriginals was one of the main benefits of the Aboriginal housing association program.

The money spent on housing projects for Aboriginals was therefore not the only way in which their value should be assessed.

Other benefits included better health through higher quality housing and improved morale among Aboriginal communities.