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Minster replies to attack

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(Statement by the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Senator 3.L . Cauanagh)

Today, members of the Federal Parliamentary Labor

Party received a letter from.a member of the N.A.C.C.,

Mr Bruce McGuinness, urging Caucus members to vote against my

retention as the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and supporting

vote for Senator Jim Keeffe for this position.

The envelopes used to despatch this correspondence

bear the following return address: "Parliament of Australia,

Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, 4 Treasury Place, East

Melbourne, Victoria 3002". This is an office that I have never

occupied during my term as the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs.

I have spoken to both Senator Keeffe and Mr Gordon

Bryant on the telephone and both have denied all knowledge of

and completely disassociated themselves from this type of


This scurrilous type of canvassing demonstrates how far

out of touch Mr McGuinness is with Aboriginal feelings. The

Prime Minister has received a telegram from the Secretary of the

N.A.C.C. advising him of a motion passed by the N.A.C.C. urging

Mr Uhitlam to re-allocate the Aboriginal Affairs portfolio to me

after Caucus meets on Monday next. ยท

I have forwarded a copy of the letter and the envelope

to Senator Murphy's office with a request that his Department

investigate the use of Australian Government stationary by an

unauthorised person.

Canberra, A.C.T. 7 June 1974