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Grant for Aboriginal Cultural Centre at Nowra, NSW

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(Statement by the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Senator

J.L. Cavanagh)

• The Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Senator Cavanagh, said today that he had approved ah establishment grant of $2,000 to the South Coast Aboriginal Cultural Centre at Nowra for preliminary architect's cost and report including sketch plans and estimates of a centre. * ■ ■ .

. Senator Cavanagh said that the grant clearly implied support of the ensuing land acquisition and the capital cost of construction of the building to cost $45*000. .

' The Minister said that based on similar facilities in centres such as Sydney and Perth the final cost would not exceed $220,000.

· ' The Centre was seen as providing : . "

. o a meeting place and point of contact not exclusively . but predominantly for Aboriginal people living from . . Port Kembla to the far South Coast

. · . a centre for the manufacture or sale of arts and ·.. crafts

o a social and recreational centre, including theatre and concerts '

. an educational centre for family groups . .

■ . a medical/social welfare centre and '

. a legal aid centre ·

Senator Cavanagh said that the Centre would serve an Aboriginal community of some 1000 coastal people living between Port Kembla and·the Victorian border and that an Aboriginal Board of Directors had been formed to handle further developments.

The Shoalhaven Shire Council strongly supported the project and had complete confidence in the Aboriginal groups’ capacity to handle it. . .

The 1968 W.D. Scott survey of the NSW coast had recommended Nowra. as the site for such a complex. ·


9 MAY 1974