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NACC members and national elections

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(Statement by the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Senator J 0L C Cavanagh)

The Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Senator J CL C Cavanagh

said today he believer! that Mr. Bruce McGuinness and any other

members of the National Aboriginal Consultative Committee vho

wished to stand as candidates in the forthcoming elections may

first have to resign from the N.A.C.C. ,

Senator Cavanagh said that Section 44 of the Constitution

states that any person holding an office of profit under the

Crown "shall be incapable of being chosen or of sitting as a

senator oi1 a member of the House of Representatives".

Accordingly, the Minister today sent the following telegram

to Mr. McGuinness:

"To ensure your proposed nomination for the Senate is in

order, I suggest you obtain legal advice as to whether under

Section 44 of the Constitution a resignation as N.A.C.C. member

is essential before nomination. J. Cavanagh. "

Ca.nberra A.C.T.

23 April, 1974.