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Aboriginal executive officer for Aboriginal Hostels Ltd

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(Statement by the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Senator J.L. Cavanagh) ■

The first Aboriginal appointee to the staff of

Aboriginal Hostels Ltd., took up duty in Canberra on 31 October

. He is Mr Harry Penrith, 37, a well known figure in

Aboriginal affairs, who has been chosen as the Executive Officer of the company.

Aboriginal Hostels Ltd was formed by the Australian. Government in June this year, to develop and run hostel

projects for Aboriginal people throughout.Australia. The

Board of Directors is chaired by Mr Charles Perkins, Assistant

Secretary of the Department of Aboriginal Affairs, and at present the staff consists of a ' . . . General Manager and his Secretary.

Mr Penrith is the first of several Aboriginals to be employed by the company in its head office in Canberra. Several more Aboriginals are expected to be appointed as

project officers and in clerical positions in the next two months, as well as being employed in the managerial side of

the hostels themselves.

As Executive Officer, Mr Penrith will be responsible for much of the administration of the company, which has to date purchased properties in Brisbane, Melbourne and Redfern, N-.-S ·.·¥.·, and is leasing property, in..^--Canberra..suburb..,, _ . . . .

Mr Penrith matriculated from High School, and recently passed Law 11 level at the Tasmanian Law School.

For 13 years, he was employed by the N.S.W. Public Service, and reached a senior clerk position in the Pastures Protection

Branch of the Department of Agriculture. He has been '

involved in the establishment of many projects for Aboriginal advancement, and is currently the first Treasurer of the

Aboriginal and Islander Legal Service in Queensland, as well

as being Vice-President of the Townsville. Branch of the Service

Canberra, A.C.T. ■ - . ' ·

2 November 1973. ■ .