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Aboriginal Land Rights Commission

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GB/ 100 Parliament House, Canberra, A.C.T. 2600


The Australian Government has accepted the major recommendations of the first Report of the Aboriginal Land Rights Commission.

The Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Mr. Gordon Bryant, said Cabinet had yesterday authorised him to convene meetings of the two proposed. Aboriginal Land Councils in the Northern Territory as soon as possible.

The Councils would examine matters raised in the first Report, consider land tenure and make submissions to the Commission.

"To assist each of the Land Councils the Attorney- General has been authorised to retain senior and junior counsel and firms of solicitors or arrange for the Councils to employ individual solicitors," he said.

"The cost of this is to be met by the Department of Aboriginal Affairs".

' The Government is also to proceed immediately with the preparation of draft legislation for the incorporation of Aboriginal communities and groups without waiting for the Commission's final Report which is not expected to be available until the first half of next year.

Mr. Bryant said that land could be vested in communities once they had been incorporated.

Mr; Bryant today tabled the Report in Parliament.

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