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Industrial mobilisation course Western Australia

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Defence P.R. No. 307/69

For. Press

Sunday, 3rd. August, 1969»


(Statement by the Minister for Defence the Hon. Allen Fairhall, IP.)

' The Minister for Defence, Mr. Allen Fairhall., said

today that 40 selected representatives of the Armed Forces,

Western Australian industry, State and Commonwealth Depart­

ments would attend an Industrial Mobilisation Course to be

held in Perth.

The course, which will extend over five days, will

commence tomorrow (Monday, 4th August) at the 1st Special

Air Service Regiment, Campbell Barracks, Swanboume.

The two previous courses in Western Australia

were held in 1963 and 1966.

The course will focus attention on the adequacy

of the industrial backing to Australia’s Armed Forces.

Mr. Fairhall said that Western Australia had,

because of its growth of industry and its tremendous

development of mineral resources, added enormously to

Australia’s defence production potential.

Industrial executives should obtain a better

understanding of the current state of industry and service organisation and requirements with the object of assisting

defence preparedness in the event of a national emergency.

Mr. Fairhall said that since the introduction

of the courses in 1953, under the direction of the Joint

War Production Committee now the Defence (Industrial.)

Committee, the studies had gone a long way towards building

up a common approach to industrial problems in defence.

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