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Defence science symposium

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INFORMATION FOR PRESS Defence P. R. No. 291/69

Thursday, 1st May, 1969


The Minister for Supply, Senator Anderson, will open the 1969 Commonwealth Defence Science Organisation Symposium in Canberra on 5th May. ,

Commonwealth countries attending the symposium, the theme of which is Defence Communications, are the United Kingdom, Canada, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Nigeria.

Senator Anderson will open the forum at 9«00a.m in the Acad:chy of Science Building, Canberra.

Two of Australia's leading authorities in the Defence Communications field, Dr. W. A. S . Butement, and Mr. Emlyn Jones, will present two papers to an open forum before the members go into closed sessions on the afternoon of 5th May until 8th May.

Dr. Butement is the Director (in charge of research), Plessey Pacific Pty. Ltd.* and Mr. Jones is the Deputy Director/ Space Physics Wing, of the Weapons Research Establishment, Salisbury, South Australia. ·

Chairman of the conference will be Mr. A. Wills, Chief Defence Scientist, Department of Defence. >■ ’ ,

Overseas delegates to the symposium are; \

United Kingdom Chief Delegate Mr. E.C. Cornford, Deputy Chief Adviser (Studies and Research) Ministry of Defence; Canadian Chief Delegate - Dr. Robert Uffen, Chairman Defence Research Board, Department of National Defence; New Zealand Chief Delegate - Dr. E.I. Robertson, Defence

Scientific Adviser, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research/

Indian Chief Delegate Dr. S. Bhagavantam, Scientific Adviser to the Defence Minister; ■

Pakistani Chief Delegate - Dr. ICarimullah, Chief Scientist and Scientific Adviser, Ministry-' of Defence; Malaysian Chief Delegate - Mr. Tan Tong^— ~ " Technical__Cent^^ ---- -— r